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Design Services

LOCAL....and ONLINE (Internet) Design Services available.

FDB landscape design concepts are innovative, creative, artistic and responsive to our client’s needs. Brad Furfaro, licensed landscape architect will develop a Landscape Master Plan that aesthetically blends the architecture of the site and the surroundings to create a design that is elegant, functional, sustainable, and most importantly, compatible with your life style.

With a completed design in your hand, you’ll know exactly what type of hardscape elements are installed and where; what types and sizes of trees, shrubs, and perennials you are getting—with no more guessing at supply or nursery centers and no more money wasted on the wrong choices. Design projects include:  

• Residential - New and Existing
• Vacation and Weekend Homes
• Country Estate Site Planning & Design
• New Home Site Landscape Master Plan
• Condominium & Townhouse
• Outdoor Living Spaces and Home Additions
• Streetscape & Urban Design
• Municipal and Civic Projects
• Community Parks & Recreation
• Commercial Landscape Design
• Community Beautification Projects

Consultation and landscape design can vary from 1 to 10 hours.   Contact us for current consulation and design rates. We are happy to travel throughout most of the St. Louis Metropolitan area. 

ONLINE (Internet) Design Services

In admiration of the "Do-It-Yourself-er," FURFARO now allows you the ability to visualize you dreams with online design services.  Through the ease of internet and phone, you'll enjoy peace of mind and substantial cost savings once you see your project on paper.

  1. Fill out Brainstorming Pages - sheet for describing the project.
  2. Survey Your Land - sheet for your location.
  3. AutoCad and/or hand-drawn design is produced in draft.
  4. You will review that draft and have a 1-hr phone consultation to discuss the draft.
  5. Revisions are made and a Final Plan is produced.

We strive to be flexible and provide options. Have questions or ready to get started? Contact us here.


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