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Sustainability is the capacity to endure.

FURFARO Design/Build has made a commitment to being an environmentally-friendly company. We understand that practicing sustainability is important to our ecosystem.  

Brad Furfaro has worked with the St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) and can implement Best Management Practices such as Rain Gardens, Bio Swales, Permeable Pavers, etc. on your site to curb storm water run off. We work hand in hand with manufacturers to offer a full line of eco-friendly products. There’s no reason why being sustainable can’t save you money. 
Some Facts:
  • Gasoline-powered landscape equipment (mowers, trimmers, blowers, chainsaws) account for over 5% of our urban air pollution.
  • Residential application of pesticides is typically at a rate 20 times that of farmers per acre; it results in many unintended results.
  • Yard wastes (mostly grass clippings) comprise 20% of municipal solid waste collected and most still ends up in landfills.
  • A lawn has less than 10% of the water absorption capacity of a natural woodland - a reason for suburban flooding.
Human Benefits From Beneficial Landscaping
  • Safer environments for our families
  • Quieter neighborhoods (from reduced use of power equipment)
  • Water conservation that benefits the homeowner and community
  • Reduced flooding and costs for stormwater management
  • Greater opportunities to enjoy nature
  • Creates habitat for wildlife
  • Reduced landscape maintenance labor/more free time
  • Reduced landscape maintenance costs
  • Less strain on municipal waste collection and water treatment
  • Cleaner water bodies for fishing, swimming, drinking
  • Lower heating and cooling bills



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